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This question allows you to request that the student draw in the available space.

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The activity allows you to display a solution or not.

Setup process

1. Configure activity properties

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TitleName of activity
ViewDecide whether or not the activity will have a solution:
- With solution.
In this case, when the student completes the activity (he or she has exhausted all attempts, he or she will be able to see another image showing the resolved drawing).
- No solution
AttemptsDefines the number of attempts available to resolve the activity.

2. Select the "option" item and set its properties.

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ViewAllows you to define the "With Solution" or "No Solution" view is used. The "Option" item view must match the view selected for the activity.
Background imageAdds a background image to act as a canvas for drawing.
Solution imageOnly available in the "With Solution" view. Allows you to add image with the activity solution.
HighSets the height of the activity.
BorderGenerates a graphical border for the activity. Especially useful if we don't add any background images.

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