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The "Reinforcement Activity" component allows us to create intermediate activities that we introduce throughout a unit to self-evaluate and reinforce the student's knowledge. They are not evaluable (they do not send score to the LMS) and only one question can be added inside.

We will find this component in the component group "Activity".

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Setup process

1. On the "Properties" tab we configure the generic properties of the activity.

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2. Access the "Add" tab and enter the question we need. Only a single question can be added.

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Allows you to define the number of attempts the student has to do the activity:

  • Unlimited– The student will have an unlimited number of attempts to do the activity.
  • 1, 2 and 3: The student will have a limited number of attempts (1, 2 or 3) to pass the activity.
Show icon

Decide whether or not to display the representative side icon.

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Icon (60px x 60px)Allows you to modify the representative icon of the activity by selecting a new image.
Overcoming goal
  • Allows you to modify the goal overcoming settings for this particular component, making it behave differently from the general settings you set. We can choose between:
    • Legacy: Applies the default value that is defined in the unit's target settings area (See here).
    • It is not objective: the component will not be a target to overcome to finish the unit.
    • Submit: You need to answer the reinforcement question (no need to hit).
    • Overcome or complete: The student must correctly answer the question or, if he or she does not, exhaust the available attempts.

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