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The new learningCloud interface, Learner Portal, introduces new tools that allow the user to track his progress and results in the trainings more precisely. In this article you will see these different tools, which you can access from the Account Profile menu, or at the bottom of the main page.

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Learning Records

This section serves as a record of all the courses and trainings you have completed, your results and the cetifications you have received. It has two different sections:


Here you will find a list of all the Sprints you have completed, both those you have completed successfully (Passed) and those that you have not (Not passed). Each entry of the list shows: the title of the Sprint, if you have passed it or not, and the completion date.

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Clicking on the Sprint opens the course information pop-up window, that shows three new sections:

  • Reviews: Here you can leave a review of the Sprint, rate it from 1 to 5 stars and leave a comment about your experience. You can also check the reviews left by other users who also completed the training.
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  • Ranking: here you can check the score you have achieved by completing the different activities of the course, and your classification related to the rest of the students.
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  • Awards: shows the badges you have earned for completing the course and the activities.

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Some courses may award a final diploma certificating you have completed it successfully, and its contents. Not all Sprints give these Certificates, it depends on how they have been configured by those responsible for the training. In this section you can see all the certificates you have achieved throughout your training.

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Clicking on the button in the top row you can see a list of all these certificates. Each is identified by the title of the training and the completion date. The ↓ DOWNLOAD button allows you to save a printable copy of the certificate in PDF format to your computer.

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The certificate includes, in addition to the student's data, the duration of the training, completion dates, and its contents.

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Awards & Badges

This section shows your achievements throughout all courses, in the form of Badges and points that mark your Ranking related to the rest of the students.


Many Activities and Sprints award badges as a reward for completing them, which certify your good work in the subject. In this section you can see all the Badges you have achieved throughout your training.

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By clicking on any of them, a pop-up window appears where, in addition to the title and description of the badge, you can see the overcoming Criteria , the challenge you overcame in order to achieve it.


Many Activities and Sprints also award points for completing them. All the points you get throughout your training will be added to establish your place in the general ranking related to the rest of the students on the portal. In this section you can see the top ten and your place on the list, in addition to the total score you have obtained so far.

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