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In the new learningCloud interface, Learner Portal, the training content is organized based on two related structures: Sprints and Pathways. This article explains each one and the different categories they can feature.

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The Sprint is the basic unit of training. It could be seen as a course itself, a set of activities of all kinds that provide knowledge to the student, and sometimes can evaluate and reward him according to his performance. Sprints can be as complex or simple as the trainer want, depending on the amount of content and activities he includes. Sprints are simply limited by a specific theme, they train the student on a particular subject.

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Throughout the main page you can find all the Sprints to which you have been enrolled or invited, divided into different categories. But to see these categories in detail you must go to the Sprints page itself, clicking on the Navigation Menu and selecting the Sprints section.


Once inside the Sprints page, you can scroll through the different categories using the row of buttons at the top.

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The first category that appears by default is Featured. These contents have been especially highlighted by the trainers to increase their visibility, due to their importance. They are the same contents that you see in the header presentation on the home page.

In the thumbnail of each course, in addition to the title and the cover image, you can see other Sprint status markers:

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  • If the Mandatory label appears in the upper right corner, it means that enrollment for the course is not voluntary, you are required to complete it.
  • A blue Progress Bar under the heading indicates that you have started the training, and shows the percentage of the course you've completed so far. For Pathways, the progress bar is not shown in the thumbnail but inside the Pathway itself, as you will see below in the Pathways section.
  • When you have finally completed the training, the thumbnail is shaded and a √ symbol appears above the title.

Keep Learning

The second category in the list contains the Sprints or training that you are currently taking, that you are enrolled in and have already started. Go here when you want to continue any of the courses you have not completed. As already mentioned, the blue progress bar under the title shows the percentage of the course you have completed so far.

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In this category you will find other Sprints in which you are also enrolled but have not yet started, all the training you have yet to start. Go here when you want to start a new training. The blue progress bar in these Sprints is shown empty.

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My List

While exploring the Sprints available, you have the possibility to save the ones you are most interested in, by adding them to a personal list similar to a Favorites. You can save both the Sprints you are enrolled in and those you are not:

  • If you're already enrolled, go to the Sprint and look for the Info icon in the top right corner, next to your profile picture. Clicking on it opens a pop-up window with the course data, and the Add to My List button.
  • If you are not enrolled, simply click on the Sprint thumbnail and the information window appears with the Add to My List button.

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To view this list of saved Sprints, go to the Sprints page and click on the My List category. To remove any Sprint from this list, re-enter the Information window and click the Remove from My List button.

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This category shows Sprints that you are not enrolled in, but that trainers believe may be of interest to you and that you should add to your training.

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Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a new pop-up window with all the course information. To add it to your training, click on the ENROLL button.

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Coming soon

In this category you can see the planned trainings, the courses in which you are enrolled or that have been recommended, but that have an upcoming start date, have not yet begun. As soon as these courses start, they will no longer appear in this category and will move to Enrolled, or Recommended, depending on whether you are enrolled in it or not.

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To know how much time is left until the start of the training, just click on the thumbnail to see the pop-up window with all the Sprint information. The button to register or access the contents is disabled, and shows the remaining days to the start.

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Custom Categories

The categories seen so far are shown in the platform by default, they can be found in any instance. But apart from them, each team of trainers can add other Custom Categories that they consider important, or that make it easier to navigate through the contents. For example, you can create different themes to group the Sprints that deal with the same theme. You can see them in the last places of the header of the Sprints page.

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Pathways are a way of organizing training content, a higher level than Sprints. They work as a collection of courses related to a common topic or subject that form a learning path. They also include links to external resources that have to do with the subject of the channel and serve as support for the Sprints.

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You can find all the Pathways to which you have been enrolled or invited on the main page. And they are also distributed in the different categories such as Sprints. To see them, go to the Pathways page itself, clicking on the Navigation Menu and selecting the Pathways section.

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In essence they work in a similar way to the Featured, My List (My Pathways) and Recommended that you already saw on the Sprints page. One of the differences compared to Sprints is that the Progress Bar is not displayed in the thumbnail, but inside the Pathway itself.

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If you access the Pathway by clicking on its thumbnail you see the header with the Progress Bar, and if you will get a Badge when you complete the Pathway. Below are the Sprints of the Pathway, divided into Stages or phases of the training, one or more.

Each Sprint thumbnail shows again whether the Sprint is Mandatory to complete the Pathway, and the progress of each one. To successfully complete a Pathway it is necessary to pass all the mandatory Sprints.

The progress bar of the Pathway shows the number of mandatory Sprints you have completed. If there are also non-mandatory Sprints they will not count for the percentage.

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