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The new learningCloud interface, called Learner Portal, improves the user experience by offering more direct and intuitive access. Contents are organized in a more synthetic way, making the visual experience easier, and the side menu access provide quick access to the different sections.

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These articles go through the different sections and features of the portal, in order to become familiar with them quickly. Starting with the main page that you access after logging into the portal with your username and password, through its different sections.

Access bar

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At the top of the screen is the Access Bar, consisting of several elements that make it easier to navigate through the different sections.

Navigation menu

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Clicking on the icon of the three bars, in the upper left corner of the screen, displays a new side menu that gives direct access to the different sections. This menu is present on all pages of the portal.

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It is headed by three sections:

  • Home: Leads back to the main page.
  • Sprints: leads to the section where you will find the courses or training content to which you are enrolled or that have been suggested to you. They are organized into different categories (Featured, Recommended, My List...).
  • Pathways: another way of organizing the training content, in this case the Pathways work as a collection of Sprints or courses related to a common topic or subject. They also show different categories.

To learn more about how Sprints and Itineraries work, available categories... you can check the article on Sprints and Pathways.

Search bar

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Clicking on the magnifying glass icon, in the upper right corner, displays a search bar, which can be used to directly access any Sprint or Pathway that is part of your training content. Enter the keywords in the text box titled Look for trainings and the portal will display a list of all the contents whose title matches them. Click on the Sprints and Pathways buttons to see the contents related to each category. If you do not select any, only the Sprints are displayed by default.

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    It is necessary to use keywords that match the title of the Sprint or Pathway. The system only searches through titles, not descriptions or content.

    Account profile

    In the upper right corner of the page you can see the icon of your Account picture. Sometimes a number highlighted in red is shown above it, indicating that you have pending Notifications, as you will see later.

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    Clicking on the account picture displays a new side menu that gives access to other sections of the platform:

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    • Your account: leads to your account page, where you can edit your data and account picture, change the Password or check the Groups to which you belong.
    • Learning Records: leads to a section where you can check the Expedients of training in which you have participated and the Certificates you have obtained.
    • Awards & Badges: leads to another page where you can see the list of Badges you have received for completing certain trainings, your overall Points (some courses award points) and your position in the student Ranking according to that score.
    • My Apps: leads to the general access page of the platform, from where you can enter the different training applications to which you have access (such as learningCloud), and check the Announcements and Notifications.
    • Log Out: to disconnect your account completely and exit the platform.

    To learn more about these sections and how they work, you can check the Account Tools article. You can also find direct access to some of them at the bottom of the page.

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    Featured Carousel

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    In the header of the page is the carousel of Highlights, a presentation that shows the covers of the Sprints and Pathways in which you are enrolled or recommended that have been highlighted by the trainers. You can move from one to another using the arrows located on the left and right, access the content by clicking on the first button (Enroll, Continue, Review), or include them among your favorites by clicking on the second button Add to My List.

    Themed carousels

    Under the Carousel of Highlights, scrolling on the page, you see the rest of the formations that have been assigned to you distributed in different carousels according to their characteristics or themes: those that you are studying in Keep learning and Enrolled; your favorites in My List; those who have not yet started in Coming soon...

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    These carousels correspond to the different categories that you can find on the Sprints and Pathways pages. To know more about them, you can check the article about Sprints and Pathways.

    Accessibility options

    Finally in the lower right part of the screen you see the icon of a silhouette, which allows you to see the Accessibility Options of the portal.

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    Clicking on it displays a new side menu with a whole series of tools that make it easier to read and understand the training content, visually and audibly, a great help if you have any trouble to access it. Options such as an Text Reader, a Magnifier, a Virtual Keyboard... This access is available throughout the navigation across the portal.

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    The Accessibility menu may be displayed in another language by default. To change it, click the drop-down menu at the top.

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