learningCloud (FAQ): When are the Progress Reports updated?

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Due to the volume of students enrolled in the different instances, their progress data and the level of queries received, it is necessary for the platform to carry out a daily update of its reports. This means that some reports that you consult do not show the updated academic results instantly. This article explains which are the particularities to take into account when consulting the progress information in a Sprint: what information is displayed instantly, and what is updated daily when the platform completes this mentioned process.

The exact time when the process of reports updating starts is at 00:00 UTC. The report can take about 6 hours to generate, so it would be available from 06:00 UTC approximately.

What information is processed in the daily update?

When you consult the general results of a sprint to check the accesses that students have made, those that happened after 00:00 UTC will not be reflected in the Activity Report until the platform completes the daily update of the reports, at approximately 06:00 UTC.

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Therefore, if you create a new Training for a Sprint yesterday before 00:00 UTC, student accesses that happened after that time will not be reflected in today's Activity Report, generated at 06:00 UTC. You will have to wait for the next day's report for this data to be added to the results.

What information is displayed simultaneously?

When you consult the individual progress of a student within the Sprint Training, the visits, points, results of Activities ... It DOES update instantly. In this case it is not necessary to wait because this data does not depend on the generation of the report.

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Apart from this, the only specific cases in which you will be able to consult a completely updated report will be when all students have accessed and completed the Sprint before the time at which the report is generated.

Or if the Training has already been closed, and you are consulting the report generated from the day after that conclusion. That is, if after the end of the Training you wait for the report generated at 06:00 UTC following.

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