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The most useful and direct tool to evaluate the progress of the students through the content, and whether or not they have achieved the training objectives, is the Question set. It is a complete test that you can build with questions of various types, through a simple editor.

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Obviously the Question Set belongs to the type of activities that CAN be gamified. To find out how to do it and what options you have, check this article.

How to create a Question Set

To create this type of activity first access the Learning tab, within the Learning Manager, and look for the Sprint you want to add the external resource to. Click on it to enter the Editor.

Remember that in order to add Question Sets to a Sprint, it must not have been published before. If the Sprint is Published and then Unpublished, the Editor will be available, but when trying to create the Activity the system will return the error message It is not possible to change activity related data when the sprint has already been published.

Within the Editor, look for the Mission Block in which you want to include the Activity and click on the + New Activity button under it. The menu with the available types is displayed, click on the Question Set button (dialog with a question mark icon). Two more options are displayed: Create and Explore.

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Create a new Question Set

The Create option allows you to add a new quizz that you have not used so far. Clicking on the pencil icon displays a pop-up menu to create an activity, with the following options:

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  • In the upper left corner, as in other types of activities, Set milestone (flag icon) and Gamify the activity (trophy icon).
  • Edit Image, in the photo icon in the upper-right corner, to select a header image for the Activity.
  • Name, to assign a title to the Activity.
  • Description, a brief introduction to the Activity, which will be visible to the student.
  • Create question set content, click on this space to access the editor where you can create the quizz and configure its characteristics.
  • Comments, check or uncheck this flag to allow or not students to add comments to the Activity.

Click on the Create question set content option and a new side menu is displayed with the editor to create it with the options:

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  • Quiz introduction, to display an introductory screen before starting the quiz. You can select whether or not this screen will be displayed (Display introduction), the text of the Introduction, the title in the start button of the quizz (Start button text) and the Background image for the introduction.
  • Background image, to select the background image of the quizz.
  • Progress indicator, to define the style of the progress indicator in the quizz.
  • Pass percentage, to mark the percentage of total success necessary to pass the quizz.
  • Questions, this is the part of the editor where you can enter and edit the questions and answers that will be displayed in the quizz. The questions may have different mechanics:
    • Multiple Choice, to ask a question with multiple answers, one of which is correct.
    • Drag and Drop, to propose different answers that can be selected by dragging them to the response field.
    • Fill in the Blanks, to propose a partial sentence to fill in with the missing words.
    • Mark the Words, to select the right words within a text.
    • Drag Text, to drag words to the spaces of the text where they should go.
    • True/False Question, to ask true or false questions.
  • Disable backwards navigation, to disable the backwards option through the quizz.
  • Randomize questions, to display the questions in a random order, rather than marked.
  • Number of questions to be shown, to not show all the questions you created, but only a certain number.
  • Finished, to configure the screen that will be displayed at the end of the quizz, with the options:
    • Display results.
    • Display solution button.
    • Display retry button.
    • No results message, text that appears when the Display results option is disabled.
    • Feedback heading, header displayed at the beginning of final feedback.
    • Overall Feedback, allows you to show a response message to the students according to the percentage of hits they had. You must enter the feedback message in the field on the right, and in the left field indicate for what percentages of success it will be displayed.
    • Solution button label, text for the solution button.
    • Retry button label, text for the retry button.
    • Finish button text.
    • Display video before quiz results, gives you the option to show a video before the quizz results screen.
    • Enable skip video button, to skip the video before the results.
    • Skip video button label, text for the skip video button.
    • Passed video, video that will be shown if the student has passed the quizz.
    • Fail video, video that will be shown if the student has passed the quizz.
  • Settings for "Check", "Show solution" and "Retry", to configure the text on these buttons.
  • Text overrides and translations: in this drop-down menu you can enter a translation for the different controls and response messages of the presentation. By clicking on the Question Set option you find the different parameters that you can translate, and in the upper right you select the Language of the translation from among those available in the drop-down menu

Once you have imported the audio and configured all the options, click on the √ SAVE button and the system proceeds to import the file and create the new Activity.

Explore an existing Question Set

Explore (file-shaped button) is the second option that appears when you try to create a Question Set, and allows you to explore all the quizzes that have been previously created into the system to select the one you want and make the new activity from it. This option helps you to reuse a Question Set that has been already uploaded to the platform previously.

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Clicking on it displays a new side menu with the Library, a list of all Question Sets that were previously imported. You can use the Search... bar at the top to enter keywords related to the activity you are looking for. When you find it, click on the flag on its left and press the √ ADD button. You will go to the same window of new activity that you saw in the previous section, but with the quizz already created.

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