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Another of the simplest and most practical ways to transmit training content is the Image Activity. Thanks to it, you can add to the Sprint any type of image or graphic related to the themes. You can use it for additional information, explain through illustrations, share an outline or simply head a series of activities.

Image 49135

Remember that the Images cannot be gamified, as they don't have any element of interactivity with the student, they are merely informative.

How to create an Image activity

To create this type of activity first access the Learning tab, within the Learning Manager, and look for the Sprint you want to add the Image to. Click on it to enter the Editor.

Unlike other Activities, Images can be added to already published Sprints, since this type of activity do not affect the student progress or Sprint assessment. To add a new Image to a published Sprint, it must first be unpublished for the Editor to unlock and allows you to make changes.

Within the Editor, look for the Mission Block you want to include the Image in, and click on the + New Activity symbol under it. The menu with the available types is displayed, click on the Image button (photo icon). A new pop-up window appears to import the image.

Image 49136

A preview of the image is shown to verify it has been imported correctly, finally click on the √ SAVE button to add it as a new Activity.

For the image to be successfully imported to the platform, the file must meet the requirements:
  • JPG, PNG or GIF format
  • minimum width of 950 pixels
  • maximum size of 2 megabytes

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