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Starting with the basics, the Text Block Activity is the simplest and most practical way to convey training content to the student in a Sprint. It consists of one or more paragraphs of text that can be used to introduce the topic to be covered, highlight some key points or close with a summary of the most important things learned.

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Remember that the Text Blocks can not be gamified, as they do not have any element of interactivity with the student, they are merely informative.

How to create a Text Block

To create this type of activity, like the rest, first access the Learning tab, within the Learning Manager, and look for the Sprint to which you want to add the Text Block. Click on it to enter the Editor.

Unlike other Activities, Text Blocks can be added to already published Sprints, since these types of activities does not affect the student's progress or the evaluation of the Sprint.
To add a new Text Block to a published Sprint, it must be unpublished first so that the Editor is unlocked and allows you to make changes.

Within the Editor, look for the Mission Block in which you want to include the Text Block and click on the + New Activity symbol under it. The menu is displayed with the available types, click on the Text Block button (text icon). A new pop-up window appears with the Text Editor.

Text Block Editor

The Text Block Editor is a simple and intuitive text editor, which allows you to format your content with various options.

The Text Block has no limit of words or characters. Even so, it is recommended to be brief and concise with the contents so as not to overload the Sprint or make the development of the training heavier.

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Some of the options available to enrich the text are:

  • Lists of items,
  • block quotes
  • hyperlinks,
  • anchors,
  • tables...

Also for more experienced users there is the possibility of editing the Text Block in HTML format. All of these options are listed at the top of the Editor.

Text Blocks do not have the possibility of inserting images within it. To do so, you must create a Image activity.

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