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Gamification is one of the current trends in education. It applies game dynamics to the educational process to increase the student's interest and activity, proposing small challenges that involve them more in the process. The reward for overcoming these challenges are badges that accredit their progress and motivate them to advance in the training, or compete against other students to achieve a better result.

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learningCloud implements in its platform the possibility of gamifying the training content, setting challenges for the student and giving them rewards. Let's see how it works.

Gamifying a Sprint

Gamification in the platform is done on the training content itself, that is, on the Sprints and Activities. Starting with the Sprints, let's remember that when creating a new Sprint, in the configuration menu one of the features you were asked for was the Gamification Awards.

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These fields determine whether the Sprint will be gamified or not, through two options:

  • Sprint Points: the score that will be awarded to the student when they successfully complete the Sprint. This score will be added to the one he already has and will help him to climb positions in the Global Ranking of students, highlighting his performance.
  • Sprint Badge: in addition to points you can also reward the student with a badge, which will be displayed on their profile on the platform, and they can share through the Badgr social application.

Gamify an Activity

In addition to the Sprint, you can also gamify each Activity in a specific way, awarding points and badges. To do this, once you have the content of your Sprint ready, once againaccess the Editor through the thumbnail of the Sprint itself in the Learning tool, and look for a trophy icon at the top right of the Activity.

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Not all Activities can be gamified, only those that involve interaction with the learner. The Activities that CAN be gamified are:
  • File
  • External activity
  • Video
  • Course presentation
  • Question set

Clicking on the trophy displays a new side menu with the gamification options. These will change depending on the type of Activity.

Gamify a File or External Activity

These two types of Activities work in the same way, they are simply completed when they are opened. To start gamifying them, activate the option Yes, gamify the activity.

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Then you have two options to reward the student:

  • Through points, accumulable for the Global Ranking. Activate the flag and specify the amount of points.
  • Awarding a badge, o share on their profile and through Badgr. Activate the flag and click on + Select a badge to select the badge from the side menu. You can also create a new one by clicking on + Add a new badge. Check how to do it in this article.

You can check only one or both options at the same time. When you have done so, click on the √ SAVE button to finish gamifying the Activity.

Gamifying a SCORM/xAPI

In case of SCORM Activities the dynamic changes, since there are three types of criteria to consider the Activity as completed:

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  • When opening the activity, as in the previous case.
  • When overcoming the activity, on passing the evaluation criteria configured in the SCORM itself.
  • Upon completion of the activity, upon meeting the requirements configured in the SCORM itself.

Regardless of this, to start gamifying the Activity once again activate the Yes, gamify the activity flag. This time when rewarding the student with points you have two options:

  • Through points, as in the case of the File Type and External Activity.
  • Grant the same points of activity. The points that are configured in the SCORM itself will simply be awarded automatically.

Gamify a Video or Course Presentation

In the case of Video and Course Presentation type Activities, there are again three different types of pass criteria:

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  • When opening the activity, as in previous cases.
  • Upon completion of the activity, when the student reaches the end of the video or the last slide of the presentation. Remember that for this option to work, the activity must have at least one interactivity with the student, such as a question or a final summary.
  • Correctly answer the questions in the activity, to pass the activity the student must pass the quiz given during the activity.

Activate the flag Yes, gamify the activity to start rewarding the students and specify the rewards. Here there is a change in the second option of rewarding Through points: instead of awarding them automatically, the points will be assigned according to the result obtained by the student in the quiz or evaluation, one point for each correct answer.

Gamifying a Question set

The difference when gamifying a Question set type Activity is in the criterion for passing, which is limited to two options:

  • When overcoming the activity: on passing a minimum percentage of answers, which must be specified when setting up the quiz. The activity is considered passed when the student reaches this percentage.
  • Correctly answer the questions in the activity, to pass the activity the student must pass not a part but the entire test.

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The system for scoring students is the same as in the previous case, with a fixed number of points, or variable depending on the result of the evaluation.

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