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Once you have created a new Sprint, the first step is to generate Mission Blocks. These are headings with a short description that allow you to better separate and organize the different Activities.

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With this separation by Mission Blocks you will be able to create thematic units within the Sprint itself, and make the learner visualize its progress better.

Any Activity of the Sprint must be within a mission block. Therefore, to start developing the content you must first create a mission block.

Mission Block types

When creating a new Sprint, the platform takes you directly to the Editor of the Sprint content.

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To create the first mission block, click on the + button located in the central part, which will display four options. Each one specifies a different position for the header image of the mission block:

  • Top, maximized occupying the top
  • Centered, scaled
  • Left, scaled
  • Right, scaled

Once the header has been created, you can change this layout by clicking on the button with the screen icon in the upper right corner of the block.

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Mission Block header

Once you have chosen the design, the next step is to fill in the basic block header fields:

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  • Name, the phrase that heads the block.
  • Description, a brief explanation of its contents.
  • Select image. In the same way that you choose a header image for the Sprint, you have the option to do so for each mission block. The platform assigns a default image, and clicking on the Add image icon displays two options:
    • Replace, to change it for another image.
    • Delete, so that the mission block does not show any image, only the text and description.

Once you have configured all the fields, click on the √ SAVE button in the lower right corner to create the new block. Or click CANCEL to return to the main editor screen without saving the changes.

Create a Milestone

When developing the contents of a Sprint you can create Milestones, or markers to allow access to new contents. The student will not be able to see these new blocks or activities if he/she has not previously completed others that you have marked.

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A mission block can also be a milestone. You can set that the student will not have access to this new block if he has not completed previous ones. To do this, click on the flag icon in the upper right corner, which displays a new menu to configure this milestone.

To learn more about creating and editing milestones, see the article about editing Sprints.

Not all activities are suitable for use with milestones, Text block and Images are not supported. If they are used within two mission blocks and you try to set milestones between them, they will be empty until you include in the initial one an activity compatible with milestones.

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