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Dashboard is the first of the features you can find in the Learning Manager platform, which allows us to know at a glance the status of our training instance. In this section you can check how are your Trainings, which are the best valued by the students, and who are the students with the best results.

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Remember that the Dashboard provides information about the entire instance, groups and users in general. Therefore it is only accessible to Global Administrator user access.

It has of four sections:


At the top you will see a results panel where you can check the status of the Trainings in your instance.

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  • the number of total trainings created.
  • the percentage and number of them opened.
  • the percentage and number of them closed.
  • the percentage and number of them planned (with an upcoming start date)

Top rated trainings

This is a ranking of the five most highly rated Trainings by the students. Remember that they can evaluate a Sprint at the end of their training, and that these evaluations can be consulted within the Sprint Trainings. The sum of all the scores of the instance results in this ranking.

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If you click on any of the Trainings, a side window will be displayed where you can check the details of these evaluations:

  • the name of the user who has evaluated the Training.
  • what date he did it.
  • what rating he gave it.
  • if he has added additional comments to his evaluation.


Likewise, in this section you can see a ranking with the five highest scoring students of the instance. Remember that depending on how a Sprint and its Activities are configured, these can award a series of points to the student for completing them. The scores are added up training after training, and the accumulated score of each student is what determines this global ranking.

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If you click on any of the students, a side window will be displayed where you can check the same profile card that you can find in the Users tool, where it is indicated:

  • the Trainings in which he has participated, detailing his status.
  • the Awards or badges he has received, as well as his score and position in the global ranking.
  • his Personal Information, with the basic data of his profile.


At the bottom right of the screen there is a dialogue icon inside a blue circle, this is the access to the Forum menu. This is a simple internal communication tool between administrators, which is exclusive to this section of the Dashboard.

you can use it to leave our own impressions of the training to other administrators of the instance, and to see what others have commented. To add a comment you have to click on the space at the top where it says Write a comment, type what you want and press the Enter key.

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On each comment you can see who the author was and how long ago it was posted. To the right of each comment there may be three icons with different functions to moderate the Forum:

  • if the comment is ours, you will see a pencil, to edit and change what you have written. And a trash can, to permanently delete the comment.
  • whether it is ours or not, the warning sign icon allows us to mark a comment as inappropriate and hide it from the rest of the users.

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