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We have seen in other articles how to access the learningCloud platform and navigate through its interface. Finally we will see what is the structure of the courses and how to complete your training. The learningCloud interface is agile and intuitive, but if you have any doubts about the steps, you can take a look at this guide.

What trainings do you have to complete

The learningCloud platform organizes the access to the contents through thematic Carousels, you can access them from the same Home page as we saw in a previous article. They make easier to access the different blocks and keep your trainings organized.

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But if you want to know quickly and easily which courses you have yet to complete, just look for the My Learning carousel. It will show those in which you have been enrolled by the trainers (Mandatory) and those in which you have freely enrolled (Recommended). Whether you have completed only part of them or have not yet started them, but are enrolled. A quick glance at My Learning will let you know at a glance what courses you have to take.

How to access the training

Clicking on the thumbnail will display a new window where you can see the basic course information:

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  • Title: the heading with the title of the training, above which you will sometimes see a small banner with the word Mandatory, indicating that you have been enrolled in this course directly by a trainer, and therefore it is mandatory to complete it within the time limit indicated.
  • Course dates: you may see only one date, which will be the start date of the training, and in this case you will not have a specific time limit to complete the course. But if two dates appear, the start date and the end date, you must consider the latter in order to complete your training within the time limit assigned to you. In this case you will see below a small reminder with the remaining time you have left.
  • Description: a brief introduction to the subject and contents of the course, provided by the trainer.
  • Rating: if the training has already been completed by other students who have given their rating, here you will see the average rating of the course on a scale of five. A star chart will show you the score, and the number below indicates how many students have rated it.
  • More Info: the first button allows you to access a pop-up window with more details about the course. If you click on it you will be able to see, in addition to the above information:

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    • Assessment: you may see a new banner with this title, indicating that the training includes activities to evaluate your knowledge.
    • Ranking and Score: next to the trophy icon you will see your position in the global ranking of students participating in this training, and the points you have achieved for that ranking.
    • Labels: in capital letters and framed by a rectangle you will see the thematic labels that have been given to the course, depending on its theme or dynamics, which will help you to classify it quickly.
    • Progress: here you will see the requirements you must pass in order to successfully complete the course. First you will see your current Grade, the result you have achieved over the total points of the course. And then the Days Remaining, the time you have left to complete the training.
    • Additional Info: finally you will see a series of categories that characterize the course and expand its description. These may vary from course to course.

  • Start: this button, also present in the More Information window, allows you to access the course and start your training.

How to complete your training

Once you access the inside of the course a new window will open with all the contents distributed in vertical scroll, you can scroll down with the mouse or click on the side scroll bar to navigate through them.

Side buttons

The first thing you will see is the Home page of the course, which contains much of the information about the course that we have already seen above. At the bottom center you will see a down arrow with the title Continue to access the contents.

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On the sides you will see a series of buttons that will be with you throughout all the course:

  • Close: at the top left you will see an X in a circle. Click on it to exit the course and return to the learningCloud carousel page.
  • Info: below you will see another button with an i framed in another circle. Click on it if you want to go back to the More Info pop-up window with all the course description.
  • Results: on the right side you will see a tab with your progress in the course:
    • percentage completed (circle)
    • badges earned (star)
    • position in the ranking (trophy)
    • remaining days to finish (calendar)
  • Back to top: in the bottom right corner you will see an arrow pointing upwards framed in a circle. Click on it to go back to the start to the Home page of the course.

Mission Blocks

The course content is divided by Mission Blocks. These are those large headings that occupy the entire screen, with an image, a title and a description. As their name indicates, they separate the training into different blocks according to the subject matter or stages. They help to organize the contents, they are simply orientative, and there can be several or just one.

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After this short introduction of the Mission Blocks you will finally come across the main part of the training, the Activities. They are distributed in a series of drop-down blocks, and thanks to them you will be able to discover and learn all the contents that the training has for you. They will also serve to evaluate your progress and knowledge.

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Before starting each activity you will see:

  • the header with the thumbnail.
  • what type of activity it is.
  • the title.
  • a short description of its content.
  • a trophy icon may appear, it means that completing the activity gives points or badges. Click on the icon to see a pop-up window with the requirements.
  • if the trainers allow comments, at the bottom you will see a text box where you can share your impressions of the content with other students.

You will probably see some shaded activities that do not allow you to click on, because they have blocked access. This just means that in order to do them, you must complete other activities first. To find out which ones, click on the padlock icon, and a pop-up window will show you the requirements.

To start an activity click on it, and depending on how they are configured they will either show, launch a popup window or open a new tab in your browser, displaying the content. Some of them are for information only, and others will ask for your interaction to complete them. At the end you will see a banner overlay with the result, your score and the badges you have earned.

Types of activities

You may find different types of activities, depending on their form and content:

  • Text Block and Image: these are the only static blocks, they do not require your interaction. They are texts and graphics that will provide you with more information and will help you to complete your learning.
  • File: these are PDF format files that will also complement your formation. But in this case they are interactive, so remember to go through the entire file to complete the activity and receive your reward.
  • External: here you will leave learningCloud for a while, because this type of activity takes you to an external resource, another web page or platform that will help you to continue with your training.
  • Interactive: these are the most special and elaborated activities, specially designed by each trainer, where you will be able to face all kinds of challenges. Which ones? Click and find out!
  • Video: visual activities based on video support. But it won't be just sitting and watching, pay attention because these videos can also challenge you with questions.
  • Audio: the same dynamic, but in this case with a lesson in sound format.
  • Course Presentation: here you will find the contents distributed in slides, as in a graphic presentation, through which you can navigate and complete the questions or interactions that are presented.
  • Question Set: in all learning comes the time to demonstrate your knowledge, these quizzes will test you on what you already know about the subject or what you have learned in the course itself.
  • Timeline: a special type of informative activity, which will present the contents distributed in an interactive timeline for you to progress through it.

Once you have completed the activity a pop-up window will appear informing you of the result and the points or badges you have earned. You can make sure you have completed the activity by checking that there is a green tick above the activity title.

Training completed!

Once you have completed all the activities you will see a pop-up window saying you have completed the Sprint. Another window will also appear asking for your rating of the course and your opinion. You can comment on strong and weak points, what you found more difficult, things that you think should be improved... Any feedback you can give to the trainers will be helpfull. :-)

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In case you are not sure if you have completed the training, you have several ways to check it:

  • If the Sprint has disappeared from the My Learning carousel, and moved to the Completed one.
  • When clicking on the Sprint thumbnail, instead of the Start or Continue button, the Review button appears. As long as the training remains open, you can go back and review the content and your results in the activities.
  • When entering the Sprint in the Results tab on the left, the circle symbol is full and the percentage is 100%.

Assessment courses

Be careful, just because you have finished a course does not mean that you have successfully completed it. If it is an assessment course (warning banner on the home page and information), you must also have passed the evaluation criteria. When you finish all the activities, a pop-up window will inform you of the result.

Image 46579

If you are not sure whether or not you have passed anassessment course, it is very easy to check. Find the course in the Completed carousel, click on the thumbnail and click on the Review button to re-enter it. A green Passed or a red Not Passed label will appear on the cover page informing you of the result.

When clicking on a course thumbnail, if the buttons do not appear, preventing access, and you see a small red banner that says Blocked, do not worry. The trainer has simply unpublished the course in order to make some changes, but that does not mean that your progress has been lost. Contact him to find out more.

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