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In this article we will see in detail the different tools for editing Channels available in learningCloud Learning Manager, and how the Multi-organization function affects the actions we can execute.

This section of the platform allows us to create Channels, or shared spaces that represent a thematic area of learning. Thanks to them we can group a series of specific Sprints under the same space, and enroll the students or groups we want in that space. Channels can change their list of Sprints, adding or removing content, regardless of the students registered.

In the Channels section you will be able to:

  • create new Channels, or edit existing ones.
  • manage the Trainings, which allow us to register students in the Channels or suggest them to participate.

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The creation and editing of Channels is limited to Author profiles. In this part, the Group Administrator will only be able to preview those that belong to authors of the same Organization and that are assigned to one of its Catalogs, even if they have not yet been published. And his main function, which is to manage the Trainings.

  • New Channel: an Author can create a new Channel and assign it to any Catalog the user is registered. It is very important to assign the Channel to a Catalog, since until we do it will not be visible to the Group Administrators and other Authors.

  • Edit details: an Author can edit any Channel belonging to the catalogs to which he is assigned, even if it is not its creator. Except if it is currently published, in that case he will be able to view it but not modify its learning content. To do so, he will have to unpublish it first, and then republish it.

  • Assign a Channel to a Catalog: a Author can assign a Channel to any of the catalogs it is part of. Or remove the Channel from any of the catalogs to which it has been assigned. Remember that you can only add or remove Channels from the catalogs to which the Author belongs.

  • Manage Channel content: an Author can add learning content (Sprints) to any of the Channels that are part of the catalogs to which he is assigned, even if he is not the creator of the channel. If the channel is published, Sprints cannot be added, it must be unpublished first.

  • Publish a Channel: any Author you can publish a Channel that belongs to his Catalog, even if he is not the creator. Or those that he has created himself without having been assigned to any catalog.

  • Delete a Channel: an Author can delete any of the Channels belonging to his Catalog, whether he is the creator or not, and regardless of whether they have any openTraining. They cannot be deleted if they are in Published status, in which case they must be unpublished first.

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