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Can Channels be assigned to the newly created Carousels?

Channels cannot be assigned to Carousels. This option is only available for Sprints, since the new carousels that you can create only apply to Sprints. The only carousels that apply to channels are "Channels" and "Channels Recommended" (by default), which work automatically.

Is it necessary to request the activation of Carousels?

Carousels are a module-type feature, they can be activated or deactivated for each particular Instance. However, since March 2022 this activity is active by default for all customers, both those existing before that date and new additions. In other words, it is not necessary to request the activation of this feature.

Carousels should be available by default in the Configuration section of Learning Manager. If you cannot find them in your Instance, please contact your Learning Consultant or KAM.

Which users can configure Carousels?

To manage the Carousels we need to access the Trainings section in the Learning Manager. Therefore our user must have General Administrator or Group Administrator access. Users with Author or Validator role will not be able to manage this feature.

Within carousel management the permissions are not the same for the two types of administrator:

  • the Global Administrator has full access, he can both create Carousels and assign them to the Trainings.
  • the Group Administrator cannot create new Carousels, as this option is located in the Configuration section he does not have access to. He can only assign Trainings to existing Carousels.

Can the Carousels by default be edited?

The Carousels activated by default (Featured, My Learning, Coming Soon...) are the main access to the contents, and work automatically. Therefore they cannot be disabled or edited. To learn more about them, see the article Types of Carousels.

How many Carousels can I create?

Apart from the Carousels activated by default, a maximum of ten carousels can be created in each Instance.

Can a content only be assigned to a particular Carousel?

No, each Training of a Sprint or can be assigned to as many Carousels as you want, without limitation.

Can I modify the Carousels once the training has started?

Yes, you can modify the contents assigned to a Carousel at any time, even if the Training is open with subscribed students.

What happens to the content of a Carousel if I modify the Training?

To know what happens to the Carousel if the Training is closed, if students are called off... you can check the Summoning behavior article, where you will find each specific case detailed.

What happens if one of the trainings ends?

Published Sprints will be displayed in the student portal, both those that are available and those that have already expired. Therefore, the Completed Carousel will display all content history, active and inactive. Although this does not affect performance, it is recommended to do a regular cleaning of Sprints so that the user experience is not affected.

What happens if a student does not complete a training on time, and is summoned again?

If a student has not completed a course within a Training, and is enrolled again in a new one for that same content, he will have two Trainings in his platform. One expired in the Completed carousel, and another open in My Learning carousel.

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