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What is a Carousel?

Carousels are a new way of organizing training contents and make it easy for students to access them in the learningCloud platform. It is a list of thumbnails in horizontal scrolling, similar to those we are used to seeing in other content platforms. Each of these lists represents a topic, and its thumbnails give access to the different Sprints and Channels we want to lead the student to.

How do they work?

Carousels are lists that allow us to group and organize the training contents to make their access easier and faster. As the training becomes more complex and advanced, the number of Sprints and Channels multiplies, making navigation through the contents more complicated for the students.So that everything have a more intuitive order, and the student can see at a quick glance the courses grouped by topics, which trainings have been completed or which are scheduled for the future... that is what Carousels are for.

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This is the main navigation tool through the contents, which shapes the Home page of My training, and serves as a filter in the other sections. In addition, this functionality is active by default for all instances, both new and existing, so it is not necessary to request it to start taking advantage of it.

Carousels are created and edited in an integrated way through Learning Manager, as we will see in the articles of the "Carousels" section in this Knowledge Bases.

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