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In this article we will see in detail the different tools of Reports we have in the learningCloud Training Management, and how the Multi-organization function affects the actions we can perform.

The Report section is a tool to globally consult the progress data of all students, classify them by different indexes, and export a report.

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Access to this section is exclusive to Group Administrators, Authors will not even be able to see the access tab or the overview:

  • Once inside, you will be able to consult the data of any Training assigned to the Organization you manage, whether you are the creator or not.

  • This means that you will be able to visualize the progress of the students of your own Organization, since at the moment of creating a Training it must be assigned to one of these groups.

  • But this does not mean that you have access to the data of all the Organization's students. You will only be able to see the users who have been added to one of the above-mentioned trainings.

Remember that data is processed once a day, Reports are calculated after 24 hours of use of the platform. Therefore, when we make a query in this section, we will see data from the previous day.

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