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Why QR Codes

One of the strengths of learningCloud is a platform aimed at integration with mobile devices. The objective is that the student has the contents where and how he wants, making it as easy as possible for him to combine training with his work and leisure.

One of the most common tools when consuming content with our mobile phone or tablet with camera are QR codes. Two-dimensional barcodes that allow us to provide the user with all kinds of directions or access to applications in a graphic and simple way.

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learningCloud also has its own QR code generator, which allow you to give students direct access to the training content in which they are enrolled.

The learningCloud QR code generator is a default feature, which means it is not necessary to activate it for each Instance. If you can not find it or have any trouble with its function, please contact your Learning Consultant or KAM.

How to get the QR of a content

According to logic, the QR code of any content, Sprint or Channel, is related to its Training. If we want to direct the student to a content, it is because before we have previously made it public and we have summoned him. Therefore, the option to generate a QR is available in the menu of each Training.

In order to generate the QR code of a Sprint or Channel, first we will have to publish it and create a Training in which the students are included.

From the main page of the Learning Manager we go to the Learning section if we want to generate the QR of a Sprint, or to Channels if it is for a Channel. We enter Trainings through the access in the menu on the left of the screen, and in the list we search for the one we want and click on it.

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To generate a QR code we need to access the Trainings section, therefore our user must have General Administrator or Group Administrator user access. Author or Validator users will not be able to create these codes.

Once inside the Training, we simply have to display the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen, and click on the Generate QR code option to display an image with the QR code overprinted on the screen. Just right-click on it and download it to your device.

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IMPORTANT: in order for a user to access a Sprint through a QR code, the Call must be mandatory, that is, the student must already be registered for the Sprint. If the Call is a Free Enrollment, when using the QR, the platform will return an error explaining the content is restricted.

This only affects Sprints. In the case of Channels, it is indistinct if the Call is mandatory or free.

In case we have a Free Enrollment Sprint Training, before summoning the student, we must click on the same three-dot menu and access the Edit details option to change the settings. Here we must deactivate the flag of Free Enrollment so that all new enrollments are mandatory.

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QR code format

The QR code created is a PNG format image file, with a 320x320 pixels resolution. These features allow it to be processed by most text or image editors, or to be used for printing.

Using the QR Code

Once you have downloaded the image file with the QR code, you can make it available to the student in multiple ways. Printing it on paper or other physical support, adding it to a web page or text document, or sending it directly to him by email or any messaging application.

That's how easy it is to use the learningCloud's QR code generator and use it to summon our students in a more attractive and visual way.

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