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Is it necessary to request the activation of the File Activities feature?

The File Activity is a module type, which means it can be activated or deactivated for each particular Instance. However, since March 2022 this activity is active by default for all customers, both existing before that date and new additions. In other words, it is not necessary to request the activation of this functionality.

In case the File Activity is not available among the activity types in the Sprints of your Instance, please contact your Learning Consultant or KAM.

Can I only use PDF files in File Activities?

PDF is the only format supported by the File Activity. Because of the advantages it offers over other formats, for its stability and compatibility. And mainly because most web browsers have integrated PDF viewer by default, contrary to other file formats.

When configuring the File Activity the PDF always opens in a new tab, even if I choose another type of viewing.

Sometimes the display tipes In Card and Full Screen may be incompatible with the web browser the student is using, and therefore not available even if you set them that way. In that case the content will still be displayed, but in a new tab.

Viewing the PDF of a File Activity as a user, I cannot go beyond the first page.

First of all, remember that in the PDF viewer the manual scroll and the scroll bar does not allow you to move on pages, only to scroll over them. To move on to other pages you must use the navigation buttons (arrows) located at the top right.

If the problem persists when using the buttons, your device may be having trouble processing the file because it is too heavy. This is usually the case if the PDF has a large number of pages, or if it includes high resolution images. Try using a smaller file size.

I cannot view the PDF of a File Activity from the user platform.

Problems loading or viewing a PDF file correctly can happen for several reasons. The format is proprietary to the Adobe brand, and although it has a high degree of compatibility and usability, it sometimes suffers from problems with certain browsers. That is why we recommend certain practices to avoid problems.

It is recommended that the maximum file size is 5MB so that they are manageable by different types of devices. If the file weighs more, it will consume more computer resources, and depending on its capacity, it may cause display problems.

In case the file you want to upload is larger, it is recommended:
  • Try to get a smaller size version by compressing the file. This can be done in many PDF file processors, such as Adobe Acrobat.
  • If it is not possible to reduce the size of the PDF, the student should be instructed to download it directly to their computer and open it with any free PDF viewer, such as Acrobat Reader, if they have problems viewing it in their browser.

Can I interact with the student or ask assessment questions in a File Activity?

The File Activity allows you to create milestones and be gamified, but it does not allow interaction. As soon as the student clicks on it, it is completed and points and badges are awarded. This is because PDF files does not return any traces or tracking to any cloud software, making interaction impossible.

Can a File Activity be completed other than by opening it?

When configuring the gamification of a File Activity, same as with an External Activity, only the option "When opening the activity" is available to define when it will be completed. This is because the PDF file format does not allow the addition of interactive questions, nor does it return any traces or tracking, on the contrary of the SCORM/xAPI Activities.

Can I modify the gamification of a File Activity if I have already published the Sprint?

The File Activity, like other evaluable activities, does not allow you to modify the points and badges or remove the gamification once the Sprint has been published. Even if it is subsequently unpublished. The system will return the error: "It is not possible to change activity-related data when the sprint has already been published".

Remember that you have two articles on the subject that can help you, How to create a File Activity and How to view and edit a File Activity.

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