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In this article we will explore a type of activity available, which is especially useful for making training content available to the students in file format. If we have a document with text, tables, images... that we want to make available directly, without copy/pasting the content, the File Activity is the indicated one.

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If you want to know more about the process of creating a File Activity, click on this link to see the article "Create a File Activity".

PDF Viewer

Regardless of the option selected in the Display type section configuration, the PDF file will be displayed to the student through a viewer window. Around it we will see several buttons with different features:

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  • At the top left, the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons (lens), and the button to adjust the view to the page width (box).
  • At the top right, the navigation buttons (arrows) to:
    • go to the first page
    • go to previous page
    • go to the next page
    • go to the last page
  • On the right, the scroll bar to move through the current page.

  • It is not possible to move to the next page using manual scrolling or the scroll bar. They are only used to go through the current page.
    To move on to the next page, click on the arrow buttons at the top right.

  • If you selected the In card display type at the activity settings, at the bottom right you will find a four-cornered icon that allows us to switch to a full screen view.
  • If you selected the Full screen display type at the activity settings, at the top right you will find an X that allows us to exit the full screen view.

Set a milestone in a File Activity

The File Activity, like the rest of the activities except Text Block and Image, can be used to mark a milestone within the Sprint. That is, this activity is not available to the student until he has completed others previously.

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In order to do this, once the activity is created, just hover the mouse pointer over it, and a series of buttons will appear in the upper right corner. Click on the icon with the flag Set milestone, and a side menu will appear.

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Here we can select which of the Sprint activities must be completed before the student can access it. Check the flags to the left of the ones you want, and click the √ Save button at the top right.

Gamify a File Activity

The File Activity can also be gamified, to award points or badges to students who complete it.

Image 45711

To do this, go back to the activity options and click on the button with the Gamify trophy.

Image 45712

A new side menu appears where we must first check the flag "Yes, gamify the activity". A series of options will appear where we can activate and specify the score that will be awarded; and activate and select the badges that the student will earn.

Remember that the File Activity has no interaction with the student. He can only open and view the PDF. Therefore, the only way to mark it as completed is to open the activity.

Also remember that once you have published a Sprint, it will not be possible to modify the gamification of the File Activity, even if you unpublish it later.

Edit or delete a File Activity

Once created, the File Activity can be easily edited or deleted, by accessing the options of the activity itself and clicking on the Edit pencil button, or the Delete trash can button.

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If you have any questions or issues with a File Activity, we recommend you to access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) article, where you can find answers to many common questions.

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