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Checking the student Reports and exporting the results Reports has a new function with the Multi-Organization feature.

The only users with access to consult this data are:
  • General Administrators, for any organization or subgroup;
  • and Group Administrators, only for the Organizations they manage.

Checking the Reports

Entering the learningCloud overview and going to the Reports general tab, we will access a general list of all users belonging to the organizations we manage, with the Sprints to which they have been summoned and their particular progress.

The characteristic feature in this case is in the search filter. Since organizations feature as first-level groups, we can use this search filter to select the specific companies or organizations from which we want to collect information. This way we will get a concrete list of employees with their progress, which we can export as a report in CSV format.

To do this, go to the box All groups, located at the top left. Clicking on it displays a menu with all the organizations and subgroups that we manage. Simply select one or more and click on the SEARCH button next to it to obtain the list of all the students and consult the results.

Exporting the Reports

To export this data, click on the EXPORT button on the top right to generate the report file. Then go to the Report History section, located in the menu on the right side of the screen, find the report you have just generated, by looking up the user and date, and click on the DOWNLOAD REPORT button .

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