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Generating a new Training for a Sprint or Channel in the Multi-organization feature is done in the same way as before. The only exception is that when creating it, we must select the company (Organization) to which it will be assigned. We will be limiting the range of the Training to the Students who belong to this group, first level or any of its subgroups.

Create a Training for an Organization

Remember that:
  • To create a Training for a Sprint o Channel, it must be previously published.
  • The General Administrator can create Trainings for any Sprint or Channel. The Group Administrator can only create Trainings for Sprints or Channels associated with the organizations he manages, and only summon members of those organizations.

Taking a Sprint Training as example, in the Training tab overview we look for the Sprint we want, and click on the three dots to display the configuration menu. There we will find the New Training option, which will display a side menu where we can configure the settings. Included the Company option, where we will select the organization we want.

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Completing the rest of the fields and clicking on the √ Save button in the upper right corner, we will have our new Training created.

Factors to consider when creating a Training in Multi-organization:
  • Only one Organization can be assigned for each Training. If we want to share a Script or Channel with students from more than one organization, we will have to create a Training for each of them.
  • General Administrators can create Trainings for any organization. Group Administrators only for those they administer.
  • Once the Training has been generated, the Organization to which it was assigned cannot be modified.

Summon Users of the Organizations

Once the Training has been created, we can add users from the organizations we manage, simply by looking for the Trainings section in the menu on the left side. Locate the one we have just created in the list, click on the three dots on the right side to display the options menu, and select the Student summoned menu.

Image 45527

Here you will find the regular three options:

  • CSV management: add users through a template file in this format.
  • Group management: add all users of an Organization or Subgroup that we manage at the same time.
  • Individually: to access a list of all the users in the organizations we manage, and select them one by one.

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