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What user access can configure Multi-language?

The Multi-language feature is configured through the Sprint or Channel content editor itself, in the drop-down menu options. Therefore this feature will only be available to

  1. users with Author access, as creators of the training content;
  2. and General Administrator users (not Group Administrators) as managers of the Instance's content and settings.

Can I change the Default Language?

Yes, once the Sprint or Channel is created, you can change the Default Language as many times as you want, as long as it has not been published yet. When we publish it for the first time, this option is blocked from then on, even if we unpublish it. In this case the Instance will return the error: You can not change the evaluation status of a sprint after it has been published.

How to configure the Sprints or Channels created before activating the Multi-language functionality?

In this case, when accessing the Manage Translations option for the first time, the Details menu will automatically appear to select the default language, in the same way as when creating new content. Once we select it and save the changes, we can access the translation tool menu to select the rest of the languages.

Is it possible to add a language that is not in the list?

No, the list shows all the languages in which the learningCloud platform is translated. It is not possible to add a translation in a language that is not available because the student would not be able to set it as his chosen language.

How can I remove the Default Language in Manage Translations?

The Delete Language option will not be available for a language as long as it is the default one, because each content must have at least one default language assigned. In order to remove it, we must first go to the Sprint or Channel Edit details (in the three dots), and change the Default Language for another existing one. When we go back to Manage Translations we will see that the Delete language button is now available.

Can translations of published content be modified?

If a Sprint or Channel is published, the translations or languages cannot be modified. In fact, the Manage Translations option will no longer be available in the three-dot menu. You also cannot change the Default Language in the Edit details menu.

If it has already been published and we unpublish it, we will again have the option to modify the translations. That is, the Manage translations option is available again, and we will be able to add, edit and delete languages. However, these changes will not be visible to students subscribed to Trainings until the content is republished.

What happens if a student changes his chosen language after starting training?

It makes no difference, the student can simply continue training in the new language, without losing his progress or achievements.

What if the student chooses a language for which there is no translation available?

In case there is no translation available, the Instance will show the Sprint or Channel in the Default Language chosen by the content creator.

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