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¿How does the Multi-language works at My learning?

Once we have configured a Sprint or Channel in Multi-language and publish it, the student will take advantage of this new feature directly, without having to go through any process.

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Its use is conditioned by the student's account settings, in particular by the language selected in his profile. When accessing the main page of the Instance, the student will see the Sprints and Channels in his chosen language, as well as the rest of the interface in the platform.

¿How can the student change language?

Also, the student can change his profile language at any time, in order to access content in other languages. Simply click on the profile icon at the top right, and select the option Your Account. Clicking the Edit Account button will bring up your profile tab, with the Language drop-down menu. Here you can switch to any of the available languages, and click the Save button at the bottom of the tab to make the changes effective.

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