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What is the Default language?

Once we have the Multi-language feature activated. for our Instance, every time we create a new Sprint or Channel, we will be asked to assign a Default language. This is the language in which we will create our content originally, and it will serve as the basis for the first translation we make. In the following ones, we can start from other translations already created.

How to set the Default language?

The main function of this is to set the default language in which the Sprint or Channel will be displayed when there is no translation available in the Student's preferred language. Clicking on the + button (new Sprint or Channel) displays the side menu:

Image 45062

Under the Title and Description fields, we will find the Default language drop-down menu, where we will have to select the one we choose to start working, in which we will originally write the contents.

If we do not select a Default Language, the platform will not allow us to create the new content, and will return the error: You must select a default language.

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