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What is Multi-language?

Multi-language is a new feature of the learningCloud platform that brings the possibility to show the title and description of the same Sprint or Channel, as well as its Mission Blocks and Activities, in multiple languages. Within the same content we can choose any of the available languages in which NetexCloud is translated, and it will be the user or student himself, through the configuration of his profile, who selects which one will be shown.

How does it work?

The Multi-language is configured through the Manage translations option, that can be found within the editing environment of the Sprints and Channels. It is accessible only to the instance's General Administrators and Authors. When creating a new content, it will be necessary to choose the default language, the one we are going to start working with. But at any time we can add new translations in other languages, which we can write manually through a drop-down menu, or import externally through an XLIFF translation file.

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It will not be necessary to create more than one Sprint or duplicate it to have it in different languages, the user will choose which one will be shown by selecting the chosen language in his profile. Once a course or lesson has started, he can change it, without affecting his progress or grades.

Remember that in order to start using this new tool in your Instance, we must first activate the feature. It is a very simple technical process, just contact your Sales Representative or Consultant and in a short period of time you will have it available.

Go to Multi-language, within the New features section to find out how to implement this new tool in your instance and get the most out of it.

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