learningCloud (Admin) - Sprints page

From this screen you can manage all the options for creating and publishing sprints.

We will be able to observe 3 different work zones:

The top bar

Zone A: Return to the initial screen.

Zone B: Sprint usage data view.

Zone C: Cards or Sprints list view. (Cards and List)

Zone D: View of scores, prizes and ranks on the platform.

Zone E: Learning configuration place.

Zone F: Cloud application change menu.

Zone G: Cloud User Menu.

Zone H: Channels view. 

The filter bar

View of card presentation selection and filtering.

Quick filter view.

Clicking on any of the 5 options will select only the sprints that meet the selected characteristics.

The delete button 

 Will be present only when an option is selected, pressing it will delete all the selected features.

The "filter by labels" button 

 Shows a label selection interface to show only matching SPRINTS.


From the menu, you can enter details in the 3-point menu or "Edit menu" >"Details".

The search button 

 Locates a text belonging to the title and description of the SPRINT.

The change of view buttons 

  Allow us to sort by card or by SPRINTS list.

The card screen / list

Each of the cards shows us extensive information about the SPRINT to which it belongs.

A: Edit menu.

B: Sprint Title.

C: Field indicating whether the SPRINT is'Mandatory'.

D: Average grade received (only present if published) .

E: Duration of SPRINT.

F: Creating a New SPRINT.

G: Number of users assigned to the SPRINT.

H: Activities assigned within the SPRINT.


REMEMBER- Activities are each of the objects that we introduce in a SPRINT, videos, Audios, etc. Not to be confused with the Mission blocks that house them.

I: Access to the SPRINT comments menu.

The "Published" label indicates that the content is already accessible by the students enrolled, "Unpublished" indicates that it has been unpublished. If there is no label, it indicates that the content is still being edited.