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We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch our new Netex Customer Support Community, which will replace the current Jira ticketing system.

The new Community will allow members to publish suggestions and doubts in a public forum so that all clients can benefit from previous answers, vote for the most useful improvements (which will be easier to find in future visits, in different languages) and let us know what they like the most about the platform..

An improved tool for private tickets will also be available. This tool is fully integrated with email and its interface will allow users to view the status of all tickets.

The new Community will have a Knowledge Base with What’s New and Product Documentation (public manuals), among others, a single point of consultation that we hope will be another improvement.

When will the change take place?

  • On Monday, April 22nd, we will launch our new Support Community.
  • For a period of two weeks, the new Community will coexist with the current Jira ticketing system.
  • On Monday, May 6th, the new Community will replace the current Jira ticketing system, which will be cancelled.

As of Monday, April 22nd, can I use both systems interchangeably?

Yes. During the two weeks of coexistence, our clients will keep their existing tickets open in Jira. New tickets can be opened both in the new Community and in the Jira system.

What will happen on May 6th with the tickets I had previously opened in Jira?

Jira ticketing system will no longer be used as of Monday, May 6th. However, the resolution of any ticket will be notified by the same way it was created. As of this date, tickets created in the Jira system will only be accessible for consultation.

Will I be able to use my Jira access credentials in the new Community?

No. The accounts of Jira and the new Community are not synchronised, so they do not share credentials. This means that all customers must create a new account in the new Community.

How can I find out how to use the new Community platform?

The Knowledge Base will have a Community Rules that contains a Community Guide to facilitate its use.

We hope you find it useful, regards!

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