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As part of a plan to improve the usability of the application, we have changed the activity listing screen.

The most obvious change is the way the users navigate through the activities from now. In the previous version, the scrolling was horizontal. This clashed with the rest of the screens, where scrolling is vertical. This change makes scrolling through a sprint more natural, as the vast majority of applications scroll vertically. This will give a sense of continuity to the users and help them focus on the content.

With this new version, the texts are read more naturally, following an order, and without having to navigate to other screens.

In addition, by eliminating the cards, we were able to include other elements:

Mission blocks. They are integrated more linearly and naturally on the screen.

Images and HTML text. The images are now included in the list of activities in a more attractive and integrated way, Users will able to see the whole image at a glance.

Finally, we have recovered the sidebar where the achievements of users will be shown and will offer a quick overview of what is left to complete. On the left side of the screen, the users will have a status icon right beside each activity or mission block, showing their respective status. For example, users can see if an activity or mission block is blocked, and what they have to overcome to unlock it. It will also inform the users about the reward they get in a certain activity or if they have already passed a certain activity.

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