Product news : New Japanese language and new default avatar.

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  • New language japanese.
  • New avatar default image:

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  • Groups extended fields: We extend the functionality of extended fields to groups (in addition to users)

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Two types:

  1. Entity: they are extended fields associated to the group to give more information about the group (they work in a similar way to user extended fields).
  2. Organization: In the registration form, a combo appears to select the type of entity::
    Image 37766

    When selecting entity, the checkboxes of the netexCloud entities appear: Image 37768

    If you select Organization, the drop-down will appear with the organizations to link to one, the selector will be the only option:

Image 37792

The Restrictions for these organisation extended fields are as follows:

  • For a client WITHOUT multi-organisation this type of extended field will not be available.
  • In a client WITH multi-organisation they can be created and it will be in the creation of the extended field where it will be associated to a group that has the multi-organisation assigned, only the groups with the organisation field enabled for a multi-organisation client will be listed.
  • This extended field will have the attributes visible and editable enabled by default, and cannot be edited.
  • In the group detail, the associated fields of type ORGANIZATION will be shown for information purposes, it will not be possible to edit the relationship from this detail.
  • The elimination of an extended field of this type will cause the elimination of all the values of the users associated to this extended field.
  • The deletion of the group shall cause the deletion of the values of the extended field of the users of that group and its subgroups.

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