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contentCloud: new notification system

New notification system in contentCloud

You will now be able to receive timely information about the relevant actions that have occurred in contentCloud through the new notification system.

Publications of a unit of authorship, import of units... decide which notifications are relevant to your organization and turn them on!

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What's New | contentCloud: Images from Unsplash and new improvements in Tokyo, Berlin and Vegas templates.

What's new in contentCloud

We bring you two very interesting news about contentCloud.

Now it is possible to access the Unsplash image catalogue and use these free images in your contents, on the covers, on illustrative images, etc., importing them directly from the unit's resources panel. 

You can also access the new reports that we have added on the use of active licences

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New improvements in Tokyo and Berlin templates

In addition, we have new functionalities in the Tokyo and Berlin templates. 

Enjoy them!

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learningCloud New Generation 3.3.0: now in French

In version 3.3.0 we welcome our French-speaking users and invite them to enjoy our application in their native language.

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