Why do the links in my notifications now tell me I don't have permission to view the ticket?

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It's a very frustrating message, "Sorry, this information is private."

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In the past these problems did not occur, since along with the link came a login access valid for 15 minutes or a default access. The problem that we detected when trying to make the experience easier for our customers is that they forward these personal notifications to third parties, thus creating a serious security flaw, since these third parties pressed the link and could see the incident impersonating the original user.

That's why we've increased the security of our platform and notifications will no longer carry login authorizations with you to review them, it's now up to the end customer to be authenticated in our community to see it.

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From Netex we recommend that you use the settings of your browsers to store the passwords associated with your profile (keychain in Apple, passwords on Google, etc...) so that when from the link call your default browser it already has the login stored.

If you prefer not to store any personal information on your device, we recommend that you already have your account authenticated in the default browser before pressing the link, otherwise you will still see the error.

They can also log in to our support community in their preferred browser and copy the address of the original link (by right-clicking on it) and paste it into the next tab.

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We know that these security measures complicate access, but it is a small effort for the greater good, we do it for the safety of all.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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