STANDARD SLA for Netex Customers

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Access to the online support portal


E-mail available for incident registration


Authorized contacts


Minor updates and product patches


Guaranteed availability for SaaS mode

99,5 % (*)

Incident registration hours

8 AM - 8 PM CET
Monday to Friday

National Holidays (Spain)

Not Active


Spanish and English

(*) not including the time for updates or working window

Critical issues

First answer: 2 hours


During office hours

high priority

It includes all those incidents that completely prevent the use of the contracted service for all its users. In addition, incidents involving loss of data or critical security defects.

It will be registered and answered in a maximum of two hours (within the timetable indicated) any incident of this type, working after reporting during office hours to solve the problem and restore functionality or functionalities out of service. If support request is sent outside office hours, the two hours mentioned will be counted from the first business day after notification.


First answer: 4 hours


During office hours

Medium priority

This level of severity includes all those incidents that prevent the use of one or more important functionalities of the service, but do not affect all users or prevent that most of the contracted functionalities are used.

Any such incident will be registered and managed with in a maximum time of four hours (within the indicated service hours), working during office hours until the problem is solved and the functionality or functionalities that are out of service are restored. If the support request is sent outside office hours, the hours mentioned will be counted from the first business day after notification.


First answer: 24 hours


During office hours

Low priority

This level of severity includes all those incidents that are not related to the malfunction of the service as a whole and that affect only a small number of users .

Any such incident will be registered and managed with in a maximum time of 24 hours (within the indicated service hours), working from then on during office hours until the problem is solved. If the support request is submitted outside of office hours, the hours listed begin from the first business day after notification.

Incidents with medium and normal priority, the start of production of your solutions will be subject to the cycles of the products in question:

netexCloud every 21 days.

learningCloud every 15 days.

contentCloud every 15 days.

Mobile applications every month alternating between operating systems.

These days are the release cycles of new software versions. Any resolved incident will be part or included in one of these cycles, Netex reserves the right to prioritize the inclusion of average and normal incidents in mentioned cycles.

General service information

  1. Incident resolution times will depend on the nature and cause of the solution. A resolution may consist of a patch or an alternative process under the supervision of the Netex support service and the authorized contacts from customer side.
  2. The customer agrees to cooperate and work closely with the Netex Support Service (from now NSS) to reproduce the errors, including performing diagnostic or troubleshooting activities. In addition, under Customer approval on a case-by-case basis, Users may be asked to provide remote access to their desktop system for troubleshooting.
  3. Incidents created by the interaction of third-party software or by the configuration of local applications on the desktop or laptop will be outside the scope of the NSS. It’s also committed to doing its best to locate the source of the problem, but we will not be able to give advice on configuring and adapting third-party tools outside of our platform, except for periods agreed with Netex for pre-deployment integrations and compatible browsers ( informed by the product).

Frequently Asked Questions about the service

What defines an "incident"?

An incident is defined as a single issue technical support and the reasonable effort required to resolve it. A single technical support problem is an issue that cannot be divided into subordinate problems. If a problem consists of subordinate problems, each is considered as a separate issue. An incident may require multiple contacts and an offline investigation to reach the final resolution. Doubts and questions about the use of products are not subject to the definition of incidence and, therefore, will not be covered by this SLA.

Am I guaranteed a solution?

Although our technical support professionals will do everything in their side to resolve the issue, the NSS cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved due to the diverse computing configurations of our customers. Customers can request to close an incident before it is resolved.

What is considered an acceptable solution to the problem?

The technical support professional will agree on the definition of the problem with the user when the user raises the technical support incident. The incident will be closed when the technical support professional has offered the user one or more solutions. If the technical support professional cannot find a solution, the user will be notified and the case will be closed as not resolved.

Is there something the NSS does not cover?

  • Customer Proposals for Product Features Onsite
  • Support
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Out-of-Life Support Products
  • Custom Code Writing or Review
  • Retrieval of content uploaded to our platform (eg Scorms, XApis, videos or any other customer resources ) or deleted from the standard functions of the products.

Disclaimer Liability

Errors, unforeseen circumstances and force majeure

Netex Knowledge Factory will not be responsible for the unavailability of the hosting service, errors, delays in access, or any anomaly due to connection problems. the contracting person, causes of fortuitous event, force majeure or any other totally unpredictable contingency and therefore alien to the good faith of the company and not attributable to it.


Netex Knowledge Factory will under no circumstances be liable for errors or damage caused by the inefficient and bad faith use of the service by the contracting person. Neither will it be responsible for the consequences derived from the lack of communication with the contracting person when it is attributable to the non-operation of the email provided or to the falsity of the data provided by the contracting person.

Interruption of the service

Netex Knowledge Factory reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the provision of the service due to imperative needs for improvement, repair or replacement of the technical means used to provide it. Whenever possible, an attempt will be made to agree in advance with the client the schedule for carrying out these tasks. Likewise, Netex Knowledge Factory reserves the right to interrupt the service when the contracting person is breaching any of the existing clauses in these Conditions and, especially, when the contracting person is committing some type of illegal activity, does not pay the service or additional costs, or when the contracting person is using the service in violation of the provisions of these Conditions. The interruptions of service that refer to any of the causes of this clause will not give rise in any case to an indemnity or claim to the contracting person.

Netex Knowledge Factory assumes responsibility for the efficient provision of the service based on the provisions of these Conditions and based on the specific request made by the contracting person. The contracting person expressly waives to claim any contractual or non-contractual responsibility for possible damages or losses derived from their own breach of these General Conditions or derived from any willful or negligent action by the contracting person.

Applicable limits if learningCloud is included in the license

Width maximum monthly bandwidth

limit file upload
500 MB
Limit disk space (2)
75 GB

limit version of the TLS

Minimum 1.2

(1) To enable the import of courses whose size exceeds 0.5 GB required a request prior to the support service (Maximum 1.5 GB).
(2) To purchase superior features, contact your sales agent

Applicable limits if contentCloud is included in the license

Upload limit for single files.

500 Mb.

Limit disk space.
According to contracted licenses.

TLS version limit.

Minimum 1.2

Limitations of the tool.

  • Simultaneous accesses with the same user are not allowed.
  • Browsers in their last two versions (1) :
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
  • Product templates: each template has its own limitations. See manual of each one.
  • Catalog: each collection has its own limitations, we invite you to review its specifications.
  • Https activated will force to use external https links.
  • Our antivirus can prevent the upload of certain files.

Legal liability limits.

  • The uploaded content is the responsibility of the author or, failing that, the instance administrator.
  • We are not responsible for the authorship of the content.

(1) We refer to the last 2 major versions of your browsers.

APPENDIX 1 - Average timeline for incident resolution

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