How to track my publications in the community and tickets.

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Once we enter the menu of ticket management following the creation of tickets guide, you can click on any of the colors.

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  • In the top blue bar will have to choose the language with which we will see the platform, the only supported by support are English and Spanish.
  • Under this blue bar you will see New Ticket button
  • Below we can see the different case status
    • Opened: all active issues.
    • Unmarked: New tickets.
    • Opened:Other: waiting for response ( more data expected from the creator of the issue).
    • Planned: issue has been identified and is already working in your solution.
    • Started: support is working on its reproduction.
    • Under review: the case has come to development and are looking for the best solution.
    • Completed: may have these completions.
      • Resolved - It has offered a workaround or patch.
      • Won't do - the solution is not suitable with product plans.
      • Duplicate (Hide satisfaction) - the issue is identical to another already managed.
      • Not a bug - the problem is not the platform.
      • Done - The requested process was executed.
      • Unresponsive - the customer does not respond after 3 separate communications 2 days each.
    • Below, on the right part, you will find common configuration, where the user can customize contact details, change photo and even renew your password.
    • Below you will find the personalised notifications management to receive (or not) messages of changes in the platform.

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