Publish in the community your doubts, ideas for improvement or what you liked about our products

Now your suggestions and questions can do more.

At Netex we want our community to become a knowledge base of our tools, so we understand that customers are the most important part of our products improvement.

To enter the forum area you only have to access our community's website

In addition, you can always return to it by clicking on the "home" button shown in the image.

Adding more doubts, ideas for improvement or saying what you like is so easy 

how to click on "Add a new one" and enter the title and description 
of what you want to say.

You can choose between three types of publication:

  • Improvement idea: Here is where you can express your requests for improvement, Netex is committed to having them reviewed by the product managers and they will be able to give feedback, in case the development is implemented it will be marked as COMPLETE.
  • Questions: Now your questions and doubts about the platform can be of help to other users of the platform and even receive answers from other users who experienced the same doubt. The answers can be voted on for their usefulness.
  • I Love It: This feature will help us to know what are the strengths of the platform to exploit them.

You can also tell us the product that is creating concern by selecting your forum.

To see the status of all your forum posts, in addition to email notifications, you can click on your user profile and if you click on your photo/logo you will see a list of the status of all your public (forums) and private (tickets) posts.

These topics can have different status: