Publish in the community your doubts, ideas for improvement or what you liked about our products

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Now your suggestions and doubts can help many more.

At Netex we want our community to become a database of knowledge of our tools, so we understand that customers are the most important part for our products to improve.

To enter the forum area you only have to access the website of our community

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In addition, you can always return to it by pressing the "Netex Community" button indicated in the image.

Adding more doubts, ideas for improvement or saying what you like is so easy

like clicking on "Add a new thread" and typing the title and description
whatever you want to say.

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You have the possibility to choose three types of publication:

  • Improvement ideas: This is where you can express your requests for improvement, Netex is committed to being reviewed by product managers and they will be able to respond, in case the development is implemented will be marked as COMPLETED.
  • Questions: Now your questions and doubts of the platform can be of help to the rest of the users of the platform and even receive answers from other users who experienced the same doubt. Answers can be voted for for their usefulness.
  • I love it: This functionality will help us to know what are the strengths of the platform to be able to exploit them.Image 26808

All this from the product forum that is creating that concern.

Image 26807

To see the status of all your posts in the forums and tickets, in addition to the email notifications, you must to be logged in (top pic), then can click on the top button "TICKETS" 

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If you click on "Topics" in the lower right User menu, you will see the list of the states of your pubic posts (forums) separated by each of the forums in which they are hosted (see image below forum drop-down menu).

Image 26805

These forums can have several different states:

  • Under Review: (Improvement and Question) Support has received the request and you are applying the moderation rules to publish it.
  • Started: (Improvements only) Support has put the information received in the hands of our product manager.
  • Waiting for answer: (Improvement and question) More information has been requested from the creator of the doubt or improvement.
  • Planned: (Improvements only) The application has been accepted and work is being carried out for implementation in our products. Accepted improvements will be closed as "Accepted" and netex reserves the following year to implement them, as explained in this document.
  • Searching answer:(Questions only) Support is already providing material for the answer or contacting experts on the topic.
  • Accepted: (Improvements only) The improvement has been included in the product roadmap for next year.
  • Excluded: (Improvements only) The request contributed won't be included in our actual roadmap.
  • Answered: (Questions only) A final answer has been given to the question.
  • Duplicate; (Improvements only) The application has already been made and we have added the new applicant for visibility.
  • Unresponsive: (Only improvements) After consulting a doubt about the improvement the client does not respond in 1 month.

REMEMBER- If you do not have any posts, the forum will not be displayed.

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