Support ticket creation

Netex customers with basic SLA have 2 ways to create a case in the community.

  1. By sending an email to
  2. Creating a case on the community portal (they must authenticate before).

When a user enters the community can access to see all public information without being authenticated, these are the Forum (questions, improvements and what you like) and Knowledge base (manuals of apps).

This allows us to log using the menu at the top right.

The top bar will show a new feature called "Tickets".

We can select between:

  • Problem to Fix (default): For common errors on your products.
  • Task: For tasks demanded against LearningOffice.
  • CAU.ISM: CAU services inside ISM. 

We can now select it and see the following screen.

We can create a ticket using the new Ticket button, we will see this screen.

Where we can write the subject of the case, its description will elect goes in the category and its priority.