Community rules

From Netex we want to hear your voice, but we have designed some rules of coexistence so that we can all enjoy a community of knowledge focused on improving your experience as users of the platform.

  • Any user of the products may open a thread in the forum, ideas, questions and what you like (not only authorised users) but all will be subject to moderation of the support department before being included as a public message, as we look for messages that provide content that increase knowledge about our products.
  • Support may route an open thread in the forum as a private ticket in case you see that the information does not affect all products or may violate the privacy of customer data. In these cases, you will be invited to follow the conversation only with authorised users of the contracted platform, in the case of the basic SLA.
  • As it is a public forum, no inappropriate language or references or comparisons with competing products will be allowed.
  • Discussions about the price of the products or comparisons of coverage of the plans will not be published either because Netex already has a complete commercial department that will be at your disposal for these consultations.
  • Every new thread will be present in Spanish and English simultaneously as supported languages. The answers will be written in providers native languages, in case you need translation for the comment marked as "RESPONSE" feel free to send us a private ticket to support, we will do it for you.