10/12/2020. contentCloud (1.25 version). Improvements in unit searching and new features in Tokyo.

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ContentCloud version 1.25 brings several interesting improvements and changes:

Improvements in unit searching

In addition to the current search capabilities, we've added new filters and enhancements to Column View. Check out both new features here.

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What's new in the Tokyo template

In Tokyo we have incorporated new components and behaviors:

  • New accessibility tools, such as displaying content in high contrast and expanding or reducing font size. See here how to activate them.
  • New "Header" component will allow you to create very attractive titles for your screens quickly and easily. See how to use it here.
  • A timer is added in the Questionnaires. Now you can add a timer in the quizzes and decide whether it's used as a countdown, or a time counter dedicated to answering the quiz. To do this, you have two new properties:"Show Time" and "Time Limit". See here how this new functionality is configured.
  • The template already supports new languages: Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Korean and Dutch.

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