Roadmap netexCloud

Below is the schedule and roadmap for Netex Learning Products. Please note that these dates and feature plans are all subject to change. As with any project of this size it is difficult to predict exactly when things will land. Even so, we think it's important to be as open and transparent as possible about our plans so that our users can have the right expectations and create their plans accordingly.  

Roadmap 2019

Incognito didn't work for me. I tested in Wifi and on my phone's network to make sure it wasn't being blocked by my IT department. The error that loads in my browser is:

"This site can't be reached. unexpectedly closed the connection.



Hi, let's move this conversation to a private support ticket to check what is happening. 

Hi Jon,

I was rechecking the link and is working properly, you must see something like that:

Please, try with an incognito window (to avoid cookies), let me know if you still cannot access and the error screen, so we can help you about.

Best Regards


The link to the roadmap seems to be dead. Is there a live link anywhere?