contentCloud 1.31 - Improved agility and productivity

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ContentCloud version 1.31 incorporates small improvements but very useful to improve navigation agility and boost your productivity.

  • Navigating between project, folder, and drive pages is more agile, using the mouse click, rather than double-clicking. Now, the selection of multiple drives, folders, users, etc. for bulk actions is done by clicking the selection check or with CTRL + click (or Cmd + click on MAC).
  • The star that identifies the featuredunitss is visible in the header of the unit page. Same for featured projects.
  • The Projects page remembers the latest filter and sort settings. Thus, when the browser refreshes, or closes it still retains the parameters that you have configured.
  • Optimized response time for multiple queries. Now the pages load faster.

And also, as always, we continue to improve the templates of the authoring units:

Berlin Template:
  • We also incorporate the Flippimage component into this template. Learn more.

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