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¿Somos capaces de rastrear algo dentro de la salida HTML5? (Resultados de la prueba, clics, duración media,....)

Si no es así, ¿puedo codificar algo simple en JavaScript en Storyline y conectarlo a Learning Cloud?

¿Qué opciones tengo con respecto a esto?

Paco López Gómez
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learningCloud allows launching contents in xAPI and SCORM formats. Currently, internally these formats usually contain HTML5 web pages that use the javascript libraries of each format to communicate with the LMS and send information about what the student is doing in the content, such as: what page he/she is on, what answers he/she has given in the quizzes, what score he/she has obtained, whether or not he/she has completed the content, duration, among others. 

The HTML contents to be launched as activities of the Sprints in learningCloud must be packaged in compliance with the xAPI or SCORM specification. Implementing the specification is not trivial, so there are specialized products for creating and packaging content in these formats, such as Storyline, or Netex contentCloud.

We know that Storyline allows exporting in xAPI format. We do not know what it allows to edit and customize within the trace level content it sends to the LMS.

Francisco Vila
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