netexCloud (admin) - user groups

From the "Groups" tab, we access to the list of groups in Netex Cloud and perform multiple actions.

Create groups

We can create a new group by clicking on "New group".

We will complete the group data and the group roles for each platform included in Netex Cloud:

Name: The name of the group.

Description: Descriptive text of the group.

External ID: The unique identifier of the group.

Image: Formats: jpg, png or gif. Recommended minimum dimensions : 150x150 pixels.       

Roles: Members of this group, as well as their subgroups, will receive these roles.


Once we have created a group , we can also add a sub group. for example . UK SALES . with a sub group of TEAM NORTH . To create a sub group click on the 3 dots while in a group.

Group Tree

We can use the navigation tree to access groups and subgroups quickly:

Groups Search

There is a search engine to help locate groups and subgroups. The groups displayed are those that contain the searched words in their name or description.

Users of a group

You can list the users of a group or subgroup by clicking the name of the group in the "Group tree" panel:

Add users to a group

You can add or exclude users from a group through the interface menu or by importing a CSV file.
To add a new user from the interface menu, select the group and click on "Management", and then "Add users":

Remove users from a group

To exclude users from a group through the interface menu, just use the navigation tree to access the group, select the users you want to remove and click on "Exclude":

Users search 

There is a search engine to help locate users in this group and its subgroups.

If you click the "Filters" menu, you can perform advanced searches by "Name" and "Surname", "Username", "E-mail", or filter by active users and assigned roles:

Group Details

Click on the "Details" tab to access the group detail information:

Create subgroup

To create a subgroup, click on the group options menu and select "Create subgroup":

Customize the Look & Feel for group members

To customize the Look & Feel for group members, click on the group options menu and select "Change appearance":

From the appearance menu, you can change the logos, the background image, the colors of the texts or add a customizable home page that only the members that we have added to this group or subgroup will see.

If a user is member of one group and one subgroup at the same time, his assigned appearance will be the one with deeper level in the group tree. If you have not configured any custom appearance in the subgroup, the user will inherit the appearance from the parent group.

Rules to automatically assign user to groups

It’s possible to automatically add users to Netex Cloud groups based on specific requirements. Access from the group options menu and choose “Assigment rules”.

In the following screen, configure the requirements that the user must meet to be added to the group. For example, the Department field may be "Accounting", the Location rule may represent "Oleiros" or "Madrid", etc.

From this moment on, when a user is created or updated, through the multiple ways available (form, CSV, Web Service, LDAP synchronization, "just-in-time" update by SAML), if the user fulfils the requirement selected, he/she will automatically be added to the relevant group.

You can ask the platform to add to the group those users who are already registered and who meet the conditions. You can do this by clicking on the "Execute rules" button.

Delete a group

To delete a group, click on the group options menu and select "Delete group":

And then confirm the deletion of the group:

When you delete a group, the subgroups will be also deleted. Besides this, the group members will no longer have the roles and the customized "Look & Feel" associated with the group.