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The unit title is the title that the student views when he opens the unit. It is the one we give you in the headers and / or the covers of our unit. And if your unit were multi-language, your title would have to translate it.

The unit title is relevant data as the LMS training platform will use the unit title to identify it over any other. This is a data that must be included in the manifest file of the unit.

So, if you change the unit title, the LMS platform won't let you update it. (See more information).

So that you can customize the title that will appear inside the manifestfile, customizing the title in each language, you have the possibility to modify and update the title of the unit.

By default, when a unit is created, it assumes the name you gave it. E Will indicate the same title in all languages.

To indicate the correct unit title in each of your languages, tap on the menu for each language and select Change title.

You will now have the correct unit title set in each language.

When you publish a unit, you'll be able to check the unit title in the "Title" field.

Don't confuse it with the "Name" field, which is the name of the zip file that is generated after publication.

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