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Smart content allows you to delete a complete block of activities or just a specific activity of that block. To begin, select Edit mode by clicking the pencil icon.

To delete the entire block, click the icon to delete in its upper corner.

In the confirmation window, press 'Remove block'.

To delete only an activity, first, position yourself on the activity that you want to delete and then click the icon to delete in the top corner.

In the confirmation window, press 'delete activity'. Thus, this activity will be deleted, but the rest of the activities of the block will keep.

Remember, if you have deleted something by mistake, you can recover it. At the bottom of the screen, you have options that allow you to Undo the last changes.


You can undo changes the active session, in other words, all the changes you make while you have your browser open. If you close the web browser already you can undo the changes you made.

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