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To begin, select Edit mode by clicking the pencil icon.

By placing the mouse on any item, the button appears in the lower area. Press it.

Select the last option to add a noninteractive activity.

To configure the activity simply write your statement.

So that students can see the activity you must exit edit mode.


Once you post an activity, you can not modify it. The modification of their texts or their options is not supported. If you have the wrong in something you delete it and re-create it.

Students will receive a notice in real time showing them that there have been changes in the unit and be able to see your changes.

The vintages are available from the disconnected modeactivities. Previously students must have opened unit with connection to Internet so that the changes can be synchronized.


All non-interactive activities can also be evaluated, as if were free write activity. Thus, you can individually rating the interventions of each student in the Forum.

To see how to evaluate an activity, check here.

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