SmartContent - the teacher guide | Authorship on units | Adding and modifying text

Within each lesson or unit section you'll be able to modify existing text and add new content.


Activities texts cannot be modified. The only thing we can do with activities is to remove them.

To begin working with texts, active edit mode by clicking the pencil icon.

If you click on the existing editorial texts you can write and write them back.


We recommend that you make minimal modifications on the existing editorial texts for example, if you detect a typo.

But if you want write an own content, uses the facility to add new texts.

This will be important for maintaining your authorship for next year. Your own content (texts, images, activities, will be recovered), but publishing texts may be updated by the Publisher, losing any changes you make on these texts.

In addition, you will be able Add new texts. By placing the mouse on any item, the button appears in the lower area.

When the button is pressed, the first available option is the add a text.

After you add the new text, you can write it or paste it from another document.

In addition to composing, If you select a piece of text, in addition, you can format it as the context menu:

Finally, you must exit edit mode so that the changes are published.

Students will receive a notice in real time showing them that there have been changes in the unit and be able to see your changes.

The texts that you modify or add will be available from the disconnected mode. Previously students must have opened unit with connection to Internet so that the changes can be synchronized.