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One of the great benefits that will bring you the SmartED units is the ability to customize them and adapt them to the needs of your classroom. In this way you will be able to:

  • Change the order of the lessons of a unit.
  • Change the name of the lessons.
  • Hide a unit lessons.
  • Add new lessons.
  • Edit and modify the contents of a lesson (add text, images, videos and even activities).

Remember: students are able to see all modifications you make, both online and disconnected from the EVA-OFFLINE mode. For the latter case, they will first have to open unit with connection to the Internet, will sync your authorship and already can take it home and do activities offline.


The units can be linked together. Thus, if you use the same unit in two classes, they will be "connected" each other.

Therefore, if you add or modify content in one of them it will automatically perform the same change in the other (for example, if you add an activity in the unit 1 in the 1A class, will be also in your class 1B).

Keep that in mind since, if you do not want the changes between classes to be shared, you must detach units. See how to do it here.

Change the order of the lessons

Rename the lessons

Hide and show the lessons

Add new lessons

Assign lessons to students or groups of students

Adding and modifying text

Add images

Add videos from YouTube and Vimeo

Add multiple response

Add free writing activities

Add debate activities

Add non-interactive activities

Move or delete content

Delete activities

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