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Most of the activities are self-evaluation, but there are activities that teachers can evaluate:

  • Free writing activities in which the student must write their own response. They are the digital version of the book of the student.
  • Discussion activities in which students must provide feedback to a small discussion forum.
  • Non-interactive activities.

In the case of free writing questions, when a student takes them, you receive a warning that sent its response to the teacher and that its activity is pending assessment.

The teacher can see in the analytical summary of the activities bar, marked in purple, there is pending assessment students (see here).

In the case of non-interactive activities, as the student does not interact with them, we are the teachers who we decided to evaluate or not this activity.

To evaluate these activities, whether they be free writing as non-interactive, it is necessary to press the icon on the summary of the activity.

Later, locate and select the / student/s that remain to assess. They can be found:

  • From the top icon, which will show us the list of all students and we will see who are earrings surrounded with a circle of violet.
  • From the bottom bar, by clicking on the purple area, we will see only the students who remain to be evaluated.

After selecting the student we will see your response and we can evaluate him.

Remember that, on the rating scale, the "Very poor" and "Upgradeable" options pose not exceed the activity, while from "Acceptable" is considered approved.

The score that you choose affects the activity score:

  • Very poor: 0%
  • Room for improvement: 25%
  • Acceptable: 50%
  • Good: 75%
  • Excellent 100%

And If you add a comment, the student will display it on your unit.

Note: If you make a mistake when it comes to scoring, you can correct this. Simply click "evaluation", modify the score or the comment and, finally, press "Save assessment".


Students may have several attempts to resolve properly the activities of free writing.

If your score is "Very poor" or "Upgradeable" may return to respond and you will have to evaluate them.

If your score is "Acceptable" or higher, the activity will be overcome and already you can not again respond.

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