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Both the audios and videos have their own analytical bar that will allow you to obtain relevant information. Like this

1. If you click the icon you will enter to the list of students who have not yet initiated playback of audio or video.

2 this results bar shows a summary, ordered by colors, of:

  • Red: students who have begun to produce the audio/video, but has not been finalized.
  • Green: students who have reproduced full audio or video.

3. If the icon is pressed you can enter in the Details pane.

4. this icon indicates on which students are consulting information. We can see the overview of all students or one by one.

5 shows the number of reproductions and the areas or most played moments.

6 displays in more detail what pupils have not reproduced the audio/video (in grey), which have been full (green), and which have not completed it (red). By clicking on each area of color We will see the concrete detail of which students are in each situation.

7. This button the details pane closes.

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