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Summary of activity

The activities have a bar analytical summary of activity.

1. If you click the icon activity you will enter the list of students who have not yet responded . This allows a constant control of the students who have not completed their tasks.

2 this results bar shows a summary, ordered by colors, of:

  • Red: students who have not responded properly to the activity.
  • Green: students who have responded correctly to the activity.
  • Violet: students who have responded, but are pending evaluation.

3. If the icon is pressed

You can enter in the Details pane of the activity.

The details of an activity

Activity detail Panel It is activated by pressing the icon on the summary of the activity.

Within the Activity detail Panel you can:

4 by clicking on show the correct answer the teacher can see the solution of the question. This function is only available in the self-assessment questions.

5. this icon shows on which students are referring to the answers.

6. the bottom bar shows the number of students that have not yet done the activity (in grey), what they have answered correctly (green), they have not responded properly (red) or remain to be evaluated (violet). By clicking on each area of color click here to see the specific list of students who are in every situation.

7. This button the details pane closes.

Check the correct answer of activity

Teachers can see the correct answers of all interactive self-assessment questions.

To see other didactic orientations on the exploitation of the activities and content, see how to enable the teacher mode here

To see the correct answers of the activities, it is necessary to enter in the Activity detail Panel by clicking the icon

located in lower activity summary

Then, press "show the correct answer".


You can only see the right answer if we are watching "All" students.

If the detail of a particular student access, this feature is hidden.

Consult a student answers

By default, when we enter into the detail of the activities, you will see all kind. Click on the "all" icon.

The complete list of students in the class will open. By clicking on one of them will enter to see your answers.

When we consult the detail of a particular student, we will see his last answer , and at the bottom of the details pane, will activate an option that allows us to Show previous attempts.

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